Are you looking to turn your house into a smart home? Then DOBISS is a partner that you can completely rely on. Why? As a Belgian company, we have been a pioneer in home automation for the past 20 years. Not only do we strive to produce user-friendly modules which are both affordable and high-quality, but we also focus on providing excellent service. All our installers have been thoroughly trained and have all the knowledge required in order to install your DOBISS domotics!
Reliable installers

The DOBISS system is so easy to configure that anyone can learn how to do it quite easily. However, we organise training sessions regularly in order to ensure that our installers are real DOBISS experts. So we can guarantee that they are fully up-to- date with the latest developments in the field of home automation and that they are optimally equipped to install your system. Because our DOBISS experts are always available to provide support, our customers have always been particularly satisfied with our after-sales service. We can offer not only the technical support you need but also a very personal, no-nonsense service. And with this customer- oriented approach, there is no doubt that we will continue
to lead the way in home automation for the next 20 years too!

Tried and tested technology

You naturally count on your house always being able to meet all your needs and you are right to do so! In order to make that a realit y, all DOBISS modules use CAN bus technology which is used as a standard within the automotive sector. In order to configure your system, each push button is fitted with a unique chip. Because of the way it works, our system is compatible with any type of push button and each button can be assigned 2 functions as required. In addition, in order to guarantee optimal reliability, our system is configured using various autonomous modules so that it is not dependent on a single central control unit or computer!

Simple cabling

Have you stuck with the classic electricity system because you are so familiar with the type of cabling used? There’s no need to worry! DOBISS domotics can make your cabling even simpler. On the one hand, you bring all the lights and consumers that you want to operate directly to your control cabinet while on the other hand, you can make a loop – one for each floor if necessary – using FTP cable in order to connect all your push buttons and sensors. A home automation
system can save you time by simplifying cabling!